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We here at Carfix take your safety very seriously. This is why we are considered the city’s premier tire service shop. Your tires mean the difference between life and death – literally – so let us ensure you have enough tread. If your tires need replacement, we offer the best brands. If you’re on a budget, we can still get a quality set of tires on your vehicle.

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Safety First

How your tires grip the road determines how safe it is to drive your car, truck, or SUV. Tire performance, weather conditions, and your driving habits affect your tire’s grip. Should the tires lose their grip or blowout, you may lose control and/or be the cause of an accident. Tires also affect vehicle safety systems including antilock brakes and electronic stability control.

Tire Maintenance

It’s crucial to keep your tires well-maintained. Yes, oftentimes tire maintenance is more expensive and timely than a drive through the quick lube shop, but remember: If your tires lose their grip or fail, you may be the cause of an accident. Sorry, but that bears repeating. Fortunately, we can help you get the most miles out of your automobile’s tires through scheduled maintenance.

Balance and Alignment

A sure sign your vehicle is unbalanced is if your steering wheel wobbles when you drive. Your car, SUV, or truck shouldn’t vibrate while in motion, either. Does your vehicle sway to the right or left while in motion? If so, it’s out of alignment. Both of these things can wear your tires down prematurely, so bring your vehicle in when you first sense something is amiss.

Tire Inspection

Maybe your vehicle’s ride is smooth and easy. If so, great, but you should still have your tires inspected regularly. We will inspect them when it’s time to have your tires rotated, which is recommended maintenance. We will check for everything from bulges to splits to irregular tread wear, and we’ll remove any foreign objects that have made their way into the tread.

Tire Rotation

Speaking of tire rotations, your owner’s manual lists your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended intervals for rotating your tires. It also recommends the order in which your tires should be rotated to ensure even tread wear and extended lifespan. We’ll happily rotate your tires when you bring your vehicle in at each milestone. Generally, every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

Your Tire Shop

Carfix Auto Repair in Garner and Raleigh can also repair tires. We are the tire experts you can trust when it comes to your car, SUV, or truck. We sell Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Mastercraft, Michelin, Toyo, and Yokohama tires for individual or fleet customers in Raleigh and Garner, NC. You count on us to ensure you have the best tires on your vehicle. Call us today at 919-752-5090.