How To Jumpstart A Car With A Bad Alternator

How To Jumpstart A Car With A Bad Alternator

A dead battery is a driver’s worst enemy, but a failed alternator can be even worse. Your car battery stays charged because of the alternator. It’s vital to everything your car needs for proper functionality. If the alternator fails, however, you can still jumpstart the vehicle and get yourself to the nearest mechanic (you’ll need a new alternator as soon as possible). Here are a few ways to make that happen:

Find Someone with a Good Battery

You can’t jumpstart a dead battery without a fully-charged option at your fingertips. Before anything else, you need someone to come to your aid and give your battery a jolt. Make sure, however, the other battery has a full charge. Yours will suck its life force, so if it’s not prepared, the procedure won’t work as it should.

Let It Run

Before the jumpstart begins, you’ll want to run the other engine for 3 to 4 minutes. The jumper cables should be connected beforehand and your car needs to be off (like you have a choice), but you can maximize the process by making sure the other vehicle is fully primed.

Turn Accessories Off

All your car’s electronic accessories need to be turned off (air-conditioner, heater, radio, phone charger, GPS, etc.) so you can conserve all the battery power available to you. Remember, your car must effectively engage the fuel injectors as well as its computer system. This means the jumpstart won’t work in anything less than sunny weather (windshield wipers and headlights will suck too much battery power). After you’re sure everything is off, you can start the jumpstart.

Get Thee to a Mechanic

If your venture proves successful, you should drive immediately to a mechanic. Note: You may only have 5 minutes, so if the shop is too far, you’ll need towing service. Also, avoid highway driving or major interstates. You need to drive slowly to maximize efficiency.

Use a Jumper Pack

If you happen to have a jumper pack, use it to supplement the other jumpstart or on its own. If you don’t know what a jumper pack is, it’s a portable jumping system that lets you charge your vehicle’s battery without the help of someone else. It’s easy to use, maintain and store, so if you have a finicky battery, it might be a solid investment.

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