What Happens During an Oil Change at Carfix Auto Repair?

What Happens During an Oil Change at Carfix Auto Repair?

Maintaining the optimal health of your vehicle is crucial for its performance and lifespan. One of the key measures to ensure this is regular oil changes. At Carfix Auto Repair in Raleigh and Garner, North Carolina, our comprehensive oil change services go beyond replacing old oil. Let’s explore the process and address other essential questions you might have.

The Pre-Oil Change Inspection

Initially, our team conducts a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Besides checking the oil level and color – which can indicate the oil’s condition (e.g., black or dark oil may suggest it’s time for a change) – we also inspect other components. What else is inspected? We look at the battery, belts, hoses, and filters to spot any issues that might need attention. If anything unusual is detected, we’ll inform you immediately.

Draining and Disposing of the Old Oil

Locating the drain plug underneath your vehicle, our technicians carefully remove it, allowing the old oil to flow into a pan. This used oil is then responsibly recycled or disposed of at approved recycling centers, ensuring an eco-friendly approach.

Understanding Oil Filters and Types of Oil

We replace your old oil filter with a new one to ensure no contaminants from the old oil affect the fresh supply. Regarding oil types, various options exist – conventional, synthetic, and blends. Each type has specific benefits, and our team will help you choose the right one based on your vehicle’s needs and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Refilling with New Oil

After draining the old oil and fitting a new filter, we refill your engine with new oil. The quantity and type of oil are meticulously selected to align with your vehicle’s requirements.

Addressing Potential Issues and Oil Leaks

Post-refill, what happens if there’s an oil leak on the seal, pan, or engine? Our technicians will inspect for leaks and ensure that all components, including the seals and gaskets, are secure and intact. If a leak or any other issue is identified, we’ll advise on the necessary repairs.

Post-Oil Change Checks

Beyond checking for leaks, we start your car to ensure the oil pressure light turns off, indicating proper pressure. We also look at how long the oil change process takes, aiming for efficiency without compromising thoroughness. Typically, the process should take about 30 minutes to an hour.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

Regular oil changes at Carfix don’t just replace old oil; they are a vital check-up for your vehicle. Trust our experienced mechanics at Carfix for a thorough service that keeps you informed and your vehicle in peak condition. We also offer convenient shuttle services, a comfortable waiting area, and easy online appointment scheduling. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely – call our Raleigh or Garner location today to book your oil change.