Fastest Ways To Cool Inside Of Car In The Summer

Fastest Ways To Cool Inside Of Car In The Summer

Driving during the hot summer months can be especially uncomfortable. With the combination of heat and humidity, it can be even worse. Whether you drive a little or a lot, it’s good to know how you can cool off the inside of your car quickly so you don’t have to suffer for very long. Read on to discover some of the fastest ways you can cool your car down during the relentlessly hot summer months.

Let the Hot Air Out

When your car sits for an extended period of time, the hot air begins to build inside the car’s interior. The quickest way to get rid of this oppressing air is to roll your front and back windows down as soon as you get inside. If you have a sunroof or a moonroof, open those as well. Heat rises, so it will naturally want to escape out of your windows as soon as the air is released. You can do this when you get in the car or roll all of your windows down for a few minutes before you drive if you have extra time.

Turn Your A/C to the Medium Setting

It’s natural for most of us to immediately blast the air conditioning by putting it on its “max” setting as soon as we get in the car. This can actually make your car much hotter since it takes the air from inside your passenger compartment and blows it right back inside. Basically, setting the air to “max” is just recycling the hot air back to you. Try turning on the A/C to the medium setting first, as this will pull air from the outside instead. It will allow the A/C to create cooler air much more quickly and efficiently. Once the air begins to feel more comfortable inside the vehicle, you can turn it up to its highest setting.

Take Preventative Measures

Perhaps the best way to keep your car cool is to prevent the heat from affecting it as much as possible in the first place. A few things you can do to combat the summer heat include using a sunshade and keeping your windows cracked just a small amount. Try to park your car in a shady area as often as you can, as this will keep temperatures down. You should also add seat covers to your vehicle if you have leather or vinyl seats since this material can be extremely hot and even painful when you go to sit on it after it’s been in the sun.

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