How Did I Get A Broken Starter Motor

How Did I Get A Broken Starter Motor

When you get in your car every day, you expect to start up as soon as you turn the key. Sometimes, a car that refuses to start is dealing with a broken starter motor. This component is an electrical device that starts most internal combustion engines. It works together with your starter, battery, and starter solenoid to crank the engine until it starts. If it doesn’t work, you need to know why it’s broken and what you can do.

The Starter Motor is Burned Out

You might assume that your starter motor has simply given up and burned out. In many cases, the reason it’s not working is that the battery is actually worn down and low on power. When this happens, the battery draws a higher than normal current which can burn out your starter motor. Be sure you talk to a skilled mechanic who can verify that it’s your actual starter motor and not just a problem with your battery.

You Have a Sticking Key Switch or Relay

Sometimes, it may seem as if the starter is continuing to run while your engine runs, and it’s usually creating a loud, whining noise. It might also create a burning smell that you’ve never noticed before. The motor could be overheating, and it may turn a bluish color. If this happens, it’s likely that you have a sticking key switch or relay. When these parts stick, it creates a permanent electrical feed that goes to the solenoid connection. Have a mechanic test the starter motor and check these parts to ensure they’re working properly.

The Motor is Faulty in General

When you turn the ignition key and hear a clicking sound but your engine won’t start, the motor itself could be bad and need replacement. Before you assume that this component is bad, you should check your battery to make sure it’s in good condition. Check all of the battery connectors, too. If they look good, check the main cable that goes to your starter motor to ensure that it’s in good shape. These simple fixes will all be much less costly than a total starter motor replacement.

Your car’s starter motor is a very complex part of the engine’s total operation. It features a very delicate outer frame with permanent magnets on the inside. Some people hit the motor to get it to work, which is not recommended since it can cause damage to this important part. In most cases, a starter motor that seems broken is just a result of low system voltage from your battery. Always consult with a mechanic so they can further diagnose the problem. It may just save you money and a lot of frustration in the long run.

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