How To Prevent Flat Tires

How To Prevent Flat Tires

A flat tire is no fun, and it can also present a serious danger when you’re on the road. Not only are flat tires annoying and scary, but they can also be extremely costly since you’ll need to purchase new ones. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent flat tires so you can save money, your sanity, and your safety.

Avoid Driving on Rough Roads

It may seem obvious, but bumpy roads and rough terrain are a common cause of a flat tire. Potholes, road debris, and even roads that are not completely flat can cause a slow leak or an immediate blowout. While you can’t always avoid rougher roads, try to steer clear of areas like roads where there is active construction or “back roads” that are not paved.

Pay Close Attention in the Heat

Hot weather can cause your tire to go flat since high temperatures cause the air inside the tire to expand. When this happens, it increases the internal pressure inside the tire, resulting in a possible flat. Check your tire pressure in the morning during the summer to get an accurate reading. This will help you monitor the proper pressure level so you can adjust it as needed. Just be extra-aware during the hot months that your tire is more prone to becoming flat.

Check Your Valve Stems

Over time, the valve stems on your tires can become brittle and damaged. When this happens, your tires may experience a slow leak. This part of your tire is the small screw-on piece that you remove whenever you need to add air. If it has any damage or even enough dirt, it could cause air loss. Take a close look at your valve stems to see if they’re in good condition. If not, this easy and inexpensive fix to replace them could be your tire’s saving grace.

Good Old Wear and Tear

Depending on the age of your tires, the frequency of driving, and their general condition, old-fashioned wear and tear is a common reason for a flat. Pay close attention to the tread on your tires, and have your mechanic check them every time you take your car in for preventative maintenance. You may just need a simple rotation or alignment to keep the tread even.

With a bit of awareness and some due diligence, you can easily avoid getting a flat tire. Pay close attention to your valve stems, tread, and the road conditions and you could potentially avoid this common problem.

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