How To Keep Car From Overheating

How To Keep Car From Overheating

When the heat of the summer strikes, it can wreak havoc on your car if you’re not careful. If your engine overheats, it can not only be expensive to repair, but it can also be dangerous if the cab of your car gets too hot. Luckily, there are some things you can do to ensure that your car doesn’t overheat so you can enjoy those summer road trips worry-free. Read on for some helpful tips to keep your vehicle running at its optimum, safe temperature.

Made in the Shade

Whenever you park your vehicle, try to leave it in a shady spot. If you don’t have access to a garage or a carport, a large tree will do. If you still can’t find a good place, try a sunshade to reduce the heat that builds up in your car throughout the day. If you really want the ultimate in heat protection, consider having your windows tinted. Many dealers and local auto shops can provide this service for you, and it’ll definitely keep your vehicle’s interior a bit cooler.

Vent Your Car

Just like a home, your car can trap hot air inside as the glass conducts the heat further. Crack your windows just a bit so that all that hot air can escape. Just be sure the opening is small enough that no potential thieves can get inside. Another trick to a cool cabin? Direct your air vents through the floor. This will help push the hot air out since hot air rises. As soon as the A/C kicks in, you can switch it back to the upper vents for cooling action.

Monitor Your Engine

Should keep a watchful eye on your car’s temperature gauge just to be sure it’s at a safe level. It starts pointing more and more towards hot, you should turn the car off and let it cool down. Check your vehicle’s coolant levels to make sure they are high enough to keep the engine cool. If they’re low, you should add the correct amount of coolant to keep the car running at a safe temperature. Talk to your mechanic about having the cooling system flushed. You should try to do this around every 40,000 miles just to ensure the coolant is running clean and free of debris.

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