What Causes Undercarriage Rust?

What Causes Undercarriage Rust?

Face it. We have a lot of moisture in Garner, NC. Our springs and summers are humid and our falls and winters bring in a lot of rain. In fact, we average about 3 to 4 inches of precipitation each month. What does this mean for your vehicle? A rusted undercarriage, that’s what. Don’t worry. The certified technicians here at Carfix are undercarriage experts, and we know what causes rust.

Moisture Is the Number One Cause of Rust

As with any rust, moisture is the number one cause of it. When water comes in contact with iron and oxygen, it increases the chance of oxidation, which is the chemical reaction between the two elements. Rust is the result of oxidation, and considering it rains every month in Garner, the undercarriage of your car, SUV or truck is going to get wet. You just can’t avoid that.

In fact, we really don’t get a break from moisture, which is why many vehicle owners worry about undercarriage rust in North Carolina. The concern is valid. Rust can slowly eat away at your vehicle’s undercarriage and cause permanent damage. In most cases, that damage is repairable, but depending on the extent of the damage, the repairs can be expensive.

Prevention Is Key

As such, prevention is the way to go to avoid costly repair bills down the line. It’s wise to have your automobile’s undercarriage inspected regularly to assess the health of it. This includes looking for rust and removing it before it has a chance to sink its teeth into your vehicle’s steel. A moisture-proof barrier can also be applied to avoid rust in the first place, and if your car is older, this might be a good idea.

When you think about what makes up your vehicle’s undercarriage, you realize this is a worthy investment. Your automobile’s brake lines, exhaust system, front and rear axles, muffler and transmission are all part of the vehicle’s undercarriage, and maintaining the undercarriage prevents damage and overheating. (Your transmission dissipates heat through the undercarriage.)

Okay, How Often Should I Have the Undercarriage Checked?

A general rule of thumb is to inspect the undercarriage twice a year, but it really depends on the vehicle you drive and how you drive it. For example, if you go off-roading in your 4X4, you need to have your undercarriage inspected after each outing; if you drive your car to and from work every day and to run errands on the weekend, you can probably settle for annual or bi-annual inspection.

Either way, bring your vehicle by Carfix in Garner, NC, for an undercarriage check. You can swing by our shop or call us at 919-900-6505 to set up an appointment.