What is Causing My Car to Lose Oil Without Visible Signs of a Leak?

What is Causing My Car to Lose Oil Without Visible Signs of a Leak?

Your vehicle could lose oil without visible signs of a leak. Increased oil consumption occasionally occurs with older cars. Low oil levels can damage your engine, and an auto repair shop must inspect your vehicle to identify the cause. If your vehicle requires additional oil between oil change services, take your car to Carfix Auto Repair in Raleigh, NC, for an inspection.  

My Car is Burning Oil 

Blue-gray exhaust smoke indicates your vehicle is burning oil which could be caused by damaged piston rings, worn cylinder walls, or defective valve seals. Oil loss can result in severe damage and costly repairs, and you should not ignore excessive exhaust smoke. If your vehicle is losing oil, your car needs inspecting by a certified car mechanic.   

Potential Causes for Burning Oil:

Due to worn engine parts, oil seeps into the combustion chambers and leads to the internal burning of oil.  

Worn Piston Rings and Cylinder Walls: 

The seal is no longer effective if your piston rings are worn or the cylinder walls are damaged. A faulty seal allows oil to pass through the combustion chambers and burn. 

Defective Valve Seals:

Faulty valve seals are another cause of low oil levels. A damaged valve seal cannot regulate oil flow and lubrication. Over time, the oil seeps into the combustion chambers and burns.

Clogged PCV Valve: 

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve controls emissions and routes gasses into the combustion chambers, where they burn and exit through the exhaust system. If the PCV valve is clogged, oil gets into the combustion chambers and causes the engine to burn oil, leading to low oil levels. 

Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts, removes debris from the motor, and prevents overheating. If your vehicle is losing oil and there are no visible leaks, it’s essential to have the car inspected as soon as possible to avoid engine damage. The auto repair experts at Carfix offer full-service oil changes, vehicle inspections, and repairs and can determine the cause of your oil loss. Stop by Carfix Auto Repair or schedule an online appointment.