5 Common Problems With Diesel Engines

5 Common Problems With Diesel Engines

Diesel engines experience common problems just as gasoline engines do. There are five specific things that can affect your diesel engine’s performance and Car Fix lists them below. If you notice any of these issues with your diesel vehicle, bring it into our shop and we’ll fix the problem quickly. We not only work on gasoline engines. We’re diesel-engine specialists, too.

Black Exhaust

Diesel engines are efficient these days and they do not release as much black exhaust into the air as they have in the past. If you notice your car or truck releasing excessive black exhaust in the air, chances are your air and fuel mixture is out of balance. Both diesel and gasoline engines need a mixture of air and fuel to start and run. If that balance is off, usually rich in fuel, you’ll notice blacker-than-normal exhaust.

Glow Plug Failure

Diesel engines do not like cold weather – like most of us, right? To get them going when it’s cold outside, the engines have glow plugs in them. These plugs look a lot like spark plugs, and they are basically tiny heaters in the pre-chamber or combustion chamber that help get your diesel engine started in frigid weather when it’s less inclined to do so. These plugs wear down like spark plugs do.

Hard Starting Issues

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your engine running after you start it, it might be suffering from hard-starting issues caused by a problem with the fuel delivery system or low engine compression. One advantage of a diesel engine is it uses much less fuel to generate power. As such, however, if there is an issue with the fuel or air compression system, the vehicle will be much harder to start.

Loud Noises

Diesel engines admittedly generate more noise than gasoline engines do – unless the gasoline engine is jazzed up – but they shouldn’t make loud or strange noises. If you notice your diesel engine making loud noises that aren’t normal, this, too, can be a problem with the fuel system. Specifically, the fuel injectors might need cleaning or could be clogged. We will investigate the source of the loud sounds and fix it.

Oil Oxidation

Finally, one other common problem with diesel engines is the motor oil can oxidize if air is introduced into the oil system. Your diesel engine intakes air to start and run the vehicle as mentioned above. It also intakes air into the air combustion chamber. If you have an oil system leak, air can be introduced into the motor oil and the oil will, in turn, oxidize. This causes performance issues and engine damage.

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